Construction Companies


Construction companies are established entities that provide the equipment and labour needed to transform structures or set-up new ones. The scope of their services ranges from selling or renting out construction machinery, operating the equipments during the construction works, designing new structures and, at times, overseeing to the safety of the construction site.

Construction equipments

Setting up new structures, such as buildings and roads paths, requires more than human labour. It requires the use of high-tech equipments like diggers or powered access platforms that can perform tasks that human beings can't, perform tasks with precision and at a reasonable speed. Because of this, specific types of training such as crane supervisor training are becoming more common. Common construction equipment that construction companies use include excavators, snow blowers, trimmers, compressors, cherry pickers, caterpillars, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, generators, pipe layers, tunnel boring machines, drills, paving equipments and dump trucks and many more. Excavators dig up hard and expanse grounds in preparation for construction, bulldozers bring down existing structures, backhoe loaders load excavated materials from the site and construction materials to the site.

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Other equipments have specific uses, and they all make the construction work run smoothly.

Acquiring construction machinery

The size and complexity of the required construction equipment depend on the magnitude of construction work and availability of skilled staffs to operate it. Small and big construction companies in the UK own a number of equipments they can rent out or sell to independent constructors. If and when in need of construction machinery, constructors can lease or purchase new or used equipments. Buying new equipments costs more than buying used equipment of the same size and technology, and hiring, especially for short duration or one of tasks, costs less than purchasing.


There are many small and big construction companies in the UK that provide construction services and equipment. More often than not, the magnitude of the construction work determines the size and type of construction machinery needed, as well as labour. The cost of purchasing or hiring construction equipment, including cherry picker hire cost, depends on the size of the equipment, its working mechanism and nature of work it is needed.